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Preparation for admission to top colleges is stressful, not only because of the selectivity but because of the complex and vague criteria. The admission process takes a holistic approach, meaning there is no bar to reach or specific weight assigned to each factor in order to guarantee admission. However, the reason the admission process is so convoluted is that these top colleges want to search for applicants they think would thrive in their community.

Some parts in these processes are straightforward—as colleges have certain academic requirements—and other parts are simply subjective or even intuitive. Much like making friends or writing a novel, there are structures to adhere to with varying circumstances and factors or room for creativity. What you end up looking for is that click, inexplicable but important in the long run. Top colleges also want to know applicants as a person to see whether the fit is there, like a ‘click’ in an application.

So how can you optimise your application to click?  When we put together your application, our focus is on you, your background, preferences, strengths, passions, etc. to make certain that admission officers can easily access your appealing qualities.

Our Three Key Tasks

Please note: These tasks are not listed in chronological order or in order of priority. These tasks are consistent throughout all stages of our services.

Task 1: Know you

We always begin with a conversation where we try to know you as thoroughly as possible, and based on what we know, we design and send you the first admission plan. We are aware we won’t get a holistic picture of you in one conversation, so our time together is spent understanding who you are and using this knowledge to design and construct admissions plans that is best suited to your needs and personality.

Task 2: Develop you

Based on our understanding of you and our rich experience with college admission, we are always updating the plans based on your implementation and feedback. These plans will not only develop your academic and personal interests, but also highlight the qualities valued by top colleges through extracurriculars and help you learn to coordinate your busy schedule.

Task 3: Present you

The admission officers only know you from your application, so we make sure the files contain your achievement, motivation, personalities, and all the other elements that represent you, and that colleges want to see. The good thing is that after all the work we have been doing together, we already know you well enough to help you present your best self.

Key Components of Our College Admission Service

Our service begins with an open conversation that allows us to familiarize ourselves with your background: education and activity experiences, personal background, and goals. Although little information from this talk will actually become a solid part of your application, our team can form an essential understanding that will help us develop an effective and feasible application plan for you and give suitable suggestions in the following services.
Our college admission consulting service starts as early as Year 10. If you are in Year 9 or lower grades and interested in our service, please contact us.
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