Stanford University - Class of 2024

Stanford University – Class of 2024

This case is written by the parents of our client who was admitted to Stanford University – Class of 2024. We sincerely appreciate their sharing.


Applicant Z’s Background

Geographic Location: Melbourne, Australia

Citizenship/Residence: Australian

Starting to Use Our Admission Service: Since Year 11

School Ranking: Top 5%

Significant Award: None

Intended Major: Undecided

Admissions: Stanford University – Class of 2024, University of Pennsylvania – Class of 2024


We invited Z’s parents to write a reflection on the entire admission process and, with their permission, post their generous sharing on our website as follows.


When we started becoming interested in the plan for our son to pursue college education at a top US institute, one of our friends strongly recommended Ray. Our first meeting happened in Year 10. Although we did not immediately decide to start preparing we began to understand that applying to top colleges in the US was a procedure very different from that in Australia. We believed that we needed Ray and his team’s assistance. Therefore, once we made the final decision to apply in the end of Year 11, we reached out to Ray and his Elite Admission team.

When we look back now, Year 12 was a very challenging year. Our son needed to prepare for the VCE final exams, keep participating in sports, chess, music, competitions, and other activities, which filled up his timetable. It would have been nearly impossible for him to handle the application work all by himself without any guidance. We deeply appreciate what Elite Admission Consulting has done for him. They utilized his time on weekends and school breaks extremely well in order to get the application work planned and completed efficiently.

The principle of Elite Admission is to tailor-make their counselling work according to individual clients. After in-depth conversations with our son, Rochelle and Ray helped him create a thorough plan covering activity development and essay writing based on his characteristics, personality and interests. We want to highly recommend this method because every student is indeed very different. When we read the essays, we could immediately tell they were our son’s work and showed his true self very well.

We believe that the biggest value Elite Admission brought to our son was helping him find his genuine interest. They respect students’ ideas, although this puts great demand on their team’s competence and patience. This philosophy ensures their clients can demonstrate themselves in their application and actually improve themselves during the process. Additionally, whenever we had a hard time, Ray and his team were always there for support.

We are particularly happy to see our son’s growth during his collaboration with Elite Admission. We believe that such growth made the application process more meaningful because the results of applications were highly unpredictable.

If we were asked to give some advice to future applicants and their family, we would like to say that the communication with Elite Admission is very important. Letting your kids find their originality and don’t copy other people and motivate them to experience the world through activities and services.

In the end, we would like to show our great appreciation to Elite Admission again for their excellent and personalized services and their contribution to our son’s growth and development.


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