University of Chicago – Class of 2027

Applicant T’s Background

Geographic Location: Victoria, Australia

Citizenship/Residence: Australia

SAT: 1550+

School Ranking: Top 10%


Case Detail

Applicant T came from a high school in regional Victoria that had not seen any students apply to universities in the US before. It was a fact that concerned T and his family during our first meeting in Year 10. We understood their concern. Coming from a high school with no history of sending students overseas meant little supporting and understanding from the school, few existing opportunities for extracurricular activities, a lack of experienced teachers for recommendations, etc. Nevertheless, we were still excited to start this challenging journey with T.


After forming a clear understanding of T’s interests, we supported him in founding the first student-initiated club at his school. Together, we brainstormed on the proposal, discussed strategies to talk to various teachers, and came up with plans to recruit members and make their experiences meaningful. When the club was established and thrived, T became a more mature student with better interpersonal and organisational skills. When it came time to find opportunities for him outside of school, we managed to help him secure suitable positions despite the impact of Covid-19. With his own effort and passion, T succeeded in expanding his involvement to a broader community and, during the process, clarified his goals for further education. Meanwhile, T joined our SAT course and achieved an excellent result with high efficiency.


Facing a large number of to-dos in Year 12, T, like all the other applicants, faced challenges in time management. We advised him to prioritise his VCE studies because school performance was fundamental for application, and we did not want to see it become a weakness in T’s entire application profile. For application work, we designed detailed deadlines, prompted him to avoid procrastination, and offered our effective help on time. The most outstanding item in T’s application to the University of Chicago was probably his first supplemental essay. After brainstorming, we encouraged him to adopt a very creative method to showcase his interest in philosophy, history, and current affairs. The essay fully reflected T’s development in the whole college application preparation process.



Applicant T should feel proud of his achievement of becoming the first graduate in his high school’s history to pursue a college degree in the US. It was an exceptional journey that witnessed a growth and change of a young man. Our team at Elite Admission was devoted to the process, thrilled by the result and became more confident in helping students from underrepresented backgrounds realise their goals.


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