Stanford University – Class of 2027

Applicant J’s Background

Geographic Location: Melbourne, Australia

Citizenship/Residence: Australia

SAT: 1550+

School Ranking: Top 1%

Significant Award: N/A


Case Detail

Applicant J impressed us with her intellectual ability. Additionally, as a great thinker and writer, she showed curiosity about sophisticated academic and social topics. Therefore, the first suggestion from us was for her to start putting her ideas and understanding into writing pieces, without worrying too much about the topics. This seemingly unstructured advice gave J great room to explore but, on the hand, demanded a lot of initiative and persistence from her. What mattered the most was that this advice suited J’s personality and her situation. She consistently worked on this project for over three years and enjoyed it. It did not only provide a long-term activity but also guided her to find her passion. During the process, our team at Elite Admission encouraged and followed up with her, and discussed those interesting pieces with her so that we could guide her to identify her passion promptly.


After identifying and confirming her passion, our team at Elite Admission assisted J in developing her activities accordingly. To develop activities outside of her school, we had a host of conversations to find suitable opportunities that could best reflect her interest and helped draft proposals, edit emails, and prepare interviews to secure those opportunities. The process was time-consuming but rewarding, allowing J to eventually have a clear and strong profile. In addition, the hard work confirmed and strengthened her interest and provided her with many personal and detailed understandings of the field, all invaluable for her application. As to her SAT preparation, J joined our SAT Prep course at the beginning of Year 10 and achieved a competitive score efficiently before the stressful final two years of high school.


At the beginning of Year 12, we followed our general practice plan and designed a timetable of application material preparation together with J to avoid conflict between application work and the heavy schoolwork of the final year. Most of the to-dos were completed smoothly because we had worked together for over two years by then. For instance, we worked out a clear theme for J’s application and rearranged her activities for presentation in limited time. However, J encountered unexpected challenges in her personal essay. After brainstorming, the main story of the essay was agreed upon, but it took everyone a great deal of time to find the best way to present it. Everyone in our team joined the discussions and offered ideas as well as encouragement to support J to complete this important task with great quality, creativity, and personal touch.


When it came to the admission interviews, we had comprehensive preparation and ran multiple mock interviews with J. Before the interview with Stanford University, which was also her last interview, we arranged a new mock interviewer to bring in some novelty and provide new suggestions.



It is quite possible to build out a good activity profile, even starting with a starting point that may seem trivial; we can help gradually develop related activities supported by patience and driven by enthusiasm. It is a simple and straightforward strategy but has offered tremendous value to J’s admission to Stanford University. Starting from late Year 9, the consistent work from Elite Admission assisted J in each of her important steps, built an in-depth understanding of the applicant, and enabled us to help her in the best possible ways.


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