Prepare for the SAT using a

What a Good SAT Score Requires


  • Solid grammar foundation

  • Standard punctuation conventions

  • Common math knowledge

  • Strong vocabulary


  • Reading comprehension

  • Critical thinking

  • Problem solving

  • Stress and time management


  • Tips for different question types

  • General passage patterns and reading methods

  • Common trap questions and answer choices

  • Time allocation and pace

How We Can Help You

1. Step by Step

To better prepare you for the SAT with maximum effectiveness and efficiency, we developed a three-step tutorial program: Foundation, Preparation, and Intensive.

2. Extensive Resources

After you practice what you’ve learned on representative SAT test questions, we review your practice questions and teach you how and what to improve upon.

3. Your Personal Coach

If the SAT is a game, we are your coach. We train, monitor, and motivate you, as well as answer all your burning questions.

The Structure of Our SAT Program

Grammar Foundation Course

The Foundation Course aims to equip students with a solid grammar foundation and knowledge about how to master SAT grammar and punctuation rules.

Preparation Course

A long-term course to help students prepare the toughest parts of the SAT: Reading and Writing, and Essay Writing

Intensive Course

The intensive course allows students to familiarize themselves with the actual SAT, identify their issues under exam scenarios, and resolve them immediately.

One-on-One Tutorial  

Meanwhile, we offer one-on-one Express Tutorial for students with special circumstances, for example those who have achieved very strong scores in the test before contacting us.

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