About Elite Admission Consulting

In 2012, Ray and Julia established 51UStudy. The brand brought professional business school admission consultation and GMAT preparation services to Australia; for Australian applicants, these services have demystified the vague, but complex, admission process for world-leading business schools, making these schools a feasible option to realize the applicants’ career and personal ambitions.

Realizing more and more high school students were looking for similar guidance, 51UStudy expanded to include college admission consulting and SAT preparation services. Such initiative has helped many talented and motivated high school students to apply themselves beyond the scope of academics and ATAR, develop their interests and wider range of skills, compete on a global stage, and eventually materialize their dream of receiving education in top universities worldwide.

Our clients’ outstanding admission results prove the value of our work and have since attracted an increasing number of applicants beyond Australia to solicit our services. Thus, in 2018, Team 51UStudy set up Elite Admission Consulting for room to expand our services to match the needs of current and future clients.

We love seeing our clients grow, get accepted by their dream schools, and embark on a new journey at their university. Our company goal is to continually improve our professional expertise to provide the most suitable and valuable guidance to our clients.

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Our Principles

With no effort spared, identify and develop every applicants’ potential

Our process consists of knowing you as a person, developing your interests and skills, and presenting the best version of you because the best strategy to get admitted to highly selective colleges and schools is to let the admission officers see what you have achieved and what you are able to achieve. We have faith in your potential; by trying our best to find your talent and illustrate what you can accomplish, we can guide you to make your ideas into reality.


Simplify the admission process

It’s no secret that the admission process can be overwhelming, regardless of when you start preparing for it. We aim to simplify the admission process by breaking everything down into priorities and steps, making your work clear and concise, so you can use your precious time more efficiently.


Provide quality and professional service

Every member on our team is qualified and has years of experience in the business, so you can feel assured that every step of the application process is completed with the highest degree of quality. This means we are incredibly selective in expanding the team, and we control the number of clients each year to provide high standard services.


Refine our understanding and updating our knowledge base

College and business school admission doesn’t stay the same every year and every applicant has unique background and interest, so in order to grasp the recent trends in college admission and to understand your interests to serve you better, we constantly research, analyze, and update our knowledge base.


Friends for the long run

We stay in touch with our clients long after service agreements terminate. We believe in the personal relationships we’ve cultivated with our clients, and we keep in touch not only to give previous students advice when needed, but also so we better understand different universities and programs from students’ perspectives to better care for and guide future clients.


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