Yale University

See how a boy who comes from Melbourne, Australia and has a wide range of interests got admitted to Yale University, his dream school.


Applicant D’s Background

Geographic Location: Melbourne, Australia

Citizenship/Residence: Australian

Starting to Use Our Admission Service: Since Year 12

SAT: 1580 out of 1600

School Ranking: Top 1%

Significant Award: National Science Olympiad Silver Medal

Intended Major: Mathematics and Interdisciplinary

Admissions: Yale University, University of Chicago


Case Detail

He is a top performing applicant, but has a wider spread of academic interests

Applicant D had very high SAT scores and excellent grades in school, but it is certainly very difficult to be admitted to top colleges in the US based on academics alone. Through in-depth communication with him, we found that he not only loves mathematics, but also loves history and philosophical reading and thinking. On this basis, we set up an independent research plan for him. In the plan, we hoped to highlight his love of mathematics and to expand his way of thinking, by integrating more historical and philosophical insight. Furthermore, we believed this research would pair nicely with his other extracurricular activities.

Such a complex research subject was full of challenges and difficulties for a senior high school applicant whose schedule was already packed, so our entire application team joined the think tank. With much research and brainstorming with Applicant D, we finally clarified a subject and got research process started. All of us benefited a lot from this attempt. After hours of research, analysis and communication, Applicant D and our team had developed a profound understanding of the fields that were interconnected with mathematics. This research and understanding were later applied to Applicant D’s application. We dared to imagine what others dared not to, dared to attempt highly challenging tasks: characteristics that reflect our team’s abilities.

Applicant D had various activities in the 9th grade, so it was quite challenging to connect them with his academic interests. After learning that Applicant D and his parents had a relatively open attitude towards the majors, we changed the way to present his activities, a work that also produced a very good effect, making his entire application materials appear more coherent.


Details determine success or failure

Since Applicant D had decided to apply to top US colleges very late, all his application tasks needed to be completed in a short period. Our team used our experience to help him arrange his timetable and work together with him closely, all while striving for utmost excellence. For example, when his schoolteachers did not clearly understand the procedures of recommendation and application letters, we helped him effectively communicate with them to enhance the quality of their contributions and assistance. Thus, the high quality of final application materials was guaranteed.


He is an applicant aiming for the highest heights, but he is also an ordinary high school student

Another difficulty Applicant D encountered in the application process was conceptualizing the main personal essay. After thorough communication with him, we found that Applicant D was not good at recalling his past experiences. Facing this issue, we contacted his family members and his very close friends. As a result, we got to know many small and specific details about his character. And this formed the foundation of the main essay of Applicant D.

With our creative writing specialist Rochelle’s help, a very personal essay sprang onto paper vividly. What’s fun is that this essay was that it was once strongly questioned by one Applicant D’s family friend, who believed it was not possible for universities like Yale to “take consideration of” applicants whose essays were about such trivial things. But the eventual outcome proved the correctness of our strategic choice. While many of applicants to Ivy League colleges are qualified, “trying to hard” should be avoided. Instead, being authentic and touching is often the magic weapon. Respecting every applicant’s real stories, fully digging for highlights and presenting them with an excellent artistic method are the genius of our team.



If we need to sum up Applicant D’s successful experience of being admitted to Yale, it would be the following two

I. Being academically outstanding is not enough. Having a clear and special academic interest, and an in-depth and genuine understanding of it will make you stand out. This demonstrates your learning potential, thinking ability and the comprehensive quality of having an insight into knowledge.

II. The application should neither be too conservative or modest, nor overexerted, and you should know what the school you are applying for prefers. The balance is not only a science, but also an art, and a piece of experience.


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