Princeton University – Class of 2026

Applicant L’s Background

Geographic Location: Sydney, Australia

Citizenship/Residence: Australia

Started Using Our Admission Service: In Year 12

SAT: 1590

School Ranking: Top 1

Significant Award: IB Dux and full score

Admissions: Princeton University – Class of 2026, the University of Oxford (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics)


When we first met Applicant L in her Year 10, we were impressed by her consistent academic record and wide range of extracurricular activities. But what stood out even more was L’s positivity, as well as her genuine interest in helping other people and the community. This quality became one of our consistent foci in our long-term advisory services on L’s activities and application preparation.


There were two significant challenges we had to overcome throughout the process. The first was to assist L in finding the gravity point of her activities. Following her interests, L had involved herself in fields ranging from music performance to science competitions. While her versatility was memorable, it came with a price of less depth and also created a vague image when we put all these involvements together. Hence, we spent time walking through these activities with L to see her feeling about each one, suggested new ideas to brainstorm with her, and eventually found one topic that could best combine her previous efforts and personal experiences. After that, we helped L to design and deliver a few activities to gradually create a positive impact in her community. This not only contributed to her application file but also allowed L to become more confident when speaking out her passion.


The second challenge was time management. All high-achieving students face similar issues when balancing schoolwork, activities, self-study, and applications. In the middle of Year 12, we recommended L change the direction of the UK college application to PPE because she did not have enough time to complete all the extra-curricular readings required for the course she had planned to apply to, and PPE might satisfy her academic interests better. This became the foundation for her successful application to the University of Oxford. Meanwhile, for the US college application, we created a very specific plan with L so that she could brainstorm, edit, and finalise every essay with maximised efficiency. In the end, we were all very proud of her supplement essays for Princeton, which captured her personal background, concerns about the community, and determination to create changes precisely.



Building up activities for the most selective colleges in the US is not about adding involvements randomly but about helping applicants form a clearer picture of themselves and then re-organising their involvements to highlight such a picture. It is a process that Elite Admission was able to materialise with our expertise and detailed services. Meanwhile, our personalised services enforce the best time management and wise decisions throughout the preparation process.


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