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Reading and writing are the two key components of English.

Reading is an essential skill for your schoolwork, SAT exams, college study, and career development. To a great extent, it determines students’ academic aptitude and efficiency. Improving reading takes time and patience. Without proper methods and monitoring, students might not be able to achieve progress and even lose their interest. How to find correct materials, how to make sure materials are grasped, and how to expand reading to different genres are also common questions.

Meanwhile, many high school students lack confidence or interest in writing, at least in certain types of writing. Some common issues include ineffective expression, grammatical fallacies, inconsistent logic flow, inadequate creativity, etc. These problems hinder students from achieving desirable marks in schoolwork, diminish their willingness to write and create, and hamper their chance of be admitting to top colleges. After witnessing these issues over the years, we develop the Writing Masterclass accordingly as a solution.

We develop our Masterclass based on these issues, aiming to help students improve reading and writing proficiency




James is a lawyer-turned-filmmaker who helps our students to improve their reading comprehension and written expression. He was the dux of Geelong Grammar School, and studied Arts then Law at the University of Melbourne. Having practised as a lawyer for several years, he has recently returned to the University of Melbourne to study his Masters of Film. With considerable training and experience across many styles, James enjoys passing on his writing skills to students. His time as a lawyer taught him the value of clarity and precision, while his filmmaking interests have nurtured his creative expression. He firmly believes in the importance of reading widely and critically, and helps our students to improve their reading skills and develop a love of reading by exposing them to a range of stimulating and challenging texts.

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