Kellogg School of Management MBA

Applicant M’s Background

Geographic Location: China

GMAT (or GRE Equivalent): 740

Undergraduate Major: Business

Intended Programs: MBA

Admissions: Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management, NYU Stern School of Business, UCLA Anderson School of Management


Case Detail

It was very common for young professionals to go from working at a Big Four accounting firm to earning an MBA. Because of this, the biggest difficulty Applicant M encountered in the application process was how to stand out from the very large number of applicants who were also applying with similar. The only way for us to enhance her chance was to have an in-depth understanding of the applicant and to reshape her resume. To do this, we did the following steps.


I. Start from work background – apart from his normal auditor work; Applicant M had some experience in term of Business Development among Big Four junior employees. In addition, she had been selected to be sent overseas as part of her work experience. This unique experience was the first content we dug out and then highlighted on the resume.


II. Start from family background – apart from normal occupational background brainstorm, we also spent quite a lot of time learning about Applicant M’s family background, and correlating her background with her motivation to earn an MBA and her post-MBA career goals.


III. Start from activities – delving into her participation in activities helped us to present Applicant M’s personality to the admissions committee in a more stereoscopic way, which many applicants were not able to do. At the same time, it needs to be balanced against other parts of her application as the main admission criteria are still about professional experiences.


After taking these three steps, Applicant M’s application resume underwent tremendous changes. It better highlighted her most special characteristics, and allowed the admission committee to quickly find the content related to her career goals.


After finishing her resume, we began to make a detailed analysis of Applicant M’s career goals. Together with her, we did a great deal of additional industry research, which narrowed down the scope of her career goals, making them more reasonable and specific. All these laid a solid foundation for the essay and the upcoming interview. While we worked on her essay drafts, Applicant M took the initiative to interact with the school’s alumni, a research that proved to be valuable later on. The revision of Applicant M’s essay was a very tough and painstaking process, especially when we disagreed with each other. We needed to have careful discussions, and clarify the right direction. After being repeatedly checked, her essays reached a very high standard, including an eloquent expression of language, application logic and persuasiveness.


Essay preparation mainly took place via in depth communication between Ray and Applicant M. Julia was then able to provide fresh insight when it came time to practice for the interview. In the mock interviews, she put forward many targeted problems. Furthermore, in the training, she told Applicant M ways to center around the subject, alternate her own stories and ways to tell them in a concise and persuasive manner. Even if you have expressed yourself very clearly in the essay, these details in an interview are crucial for an applicant.



Even if your background lacks many specialties, intuitively speaking, we can help you dig them out from all angles very carefully with our rich experience in applying to business schools. We are able to comprehensively, creatively and effectively convert your highlights into your resume, essay and interview.


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