Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management MS Finance

Applicant K’s Background

Geographic Location: Australia

GMAT (or GRE Equivalent): 740

Undergraduate Major: Commerce

Intended Programs: MS Finance

Admissions: Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) , HEC Paris, University of Rochester Simon Business School


Case Detail

Applicant K was one of our earliest clients. His experiences were not only representative of a number of other, later applicants, but also influenced them and brought them the confidence to study their postgraduate degree out of Australia.

After finishing his freshman year, Applicant K suddenly realized two severe issues;

I. The quality of commerce education in Australia is greatly exaggerated: teachers read course materials in class; many student took a ‘Pass’ as their main goal. So it was very hard to acquire real high-quality knowledge.

II. Such education standards and next to none career services made it difficult for graduates to find a satisfactory job. While he would graduate from university in two years, he had no direction of career.

Under such realization, he came to us, with the hope that we could help him to enter a more effective platform to form and approach his career aspiration by applying to a top business school in the US or the UK.


Our service started from GMAT Prep. He was a sophomore back then and was not under a lot of pressure to apply right away, so he was relatively sluggish. However, knowing that he definitely did not want to continue his studies in Australia, Applicant K began ardently studying. He eventually reached 740 after a long battle. Throughout the entire preparation process, Applicant K changed his bad study habit and enhanced his English level, an improvement he believed beneficial in the long run.


Due to his academic performance in freshman year, his average score was relatively low. Therefore, although we did all we could in the admission process, the result did not meet our expectations. At that moment, Applicant K and our team decided that he would study an honours degree and then reapply to in the following year. The one-year honours degree was decisive. It not only gave Applicant K the opportunity to prove his learning ability, and engage in an authentic research experience, but also avoided the some schools’ protocol, which does not accept applicants with a three-year bachelor degree. More importantly, learning under high pressure enabled him to greatly enhance his mathematical abilities and truly motivated him to study finance. Finally, the research he had participated in was selected by an academic journal in Asia, which eventually became a highlight in his application profile.


The most legendary part of Vanderbilt Owen’s MS Finance program is their 100% employment rate, which holds the same for international students. While the scale of the program is small, the portion of international applicants is even smaller. The fact that such an elite program admitted Applicant K fully demonstrated his competitiveness as well as the high quality of our admission consulting service. Throughout his application materials, we integrated Applicant K’s entrepreneurial experiences, his internship experiences and his research experiences, and combined these experiences with his career goal in an organic way. After he was initially put on the waitlist, we followed up his application targeting his weakness, while reiterating his passion for the program. Finally, he received this rare and invaluable offer.



After graduation , Applicant K was employed by China International Capital Corporation after six rounds of interviews, a top player in his favorite financial industry. While recalling his applications, apart from he joys and sorrows in them; Applicant K sighed with emotion at how much the entire process helped him. On one hand, he jumped out of the circle limited by the business education in Australia and acquired better knowledge and career service; on the other hand, he became a more confident and able young professional with clear goals.


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