University of Chicago – Class of 2025

Applicant M’s Background

Geographic Location: Melbourne, Australia

Citizenship/Residence: Australia and U.S. Dual Citizenship

Started Using Our Admission Service: InYear 11

SAT: 1590

School Ranking: Top 10%

Significant Award: None

Admissions: University of Chicago (Early Decision I)


Applicant S’s Background

Geographic Location: Melbourne, Australia

Citizenship/Residence: Permanent Residence in Australia

Started Using Our Admission Service: In Year 12

SAT: 1580

School Ranking: Top 5%

Significant Award: Australian Mathematic Olympiad

Admissions: University of Chicago (Early Decision II)


We are thrilled to see that two of our clients, M and S, have been admitted to the University of Chicago Class of 2025! In this post, we would love to be a bit creative by sharing and comparing their application stories to show you how we provided personalized services, even though both students were accepted to the same university.


Both M and S came for our services late. After using our SAT Prep service and achieving a splendid SAT score (1590), M decided to start his application work in the end of Year 11. S did not start her work until February of Year 12. Obviously, we were working against the clock in the beginning stage of our services. M and S were quite different in terms of extracurricular backgrounds. M had a strong passion for writing and S had much more interests, ranging from writing and drama to economics. We followed our principle and designed entirely different approaches to develop their activities. For M, we helped him to make his previous writing more presentable and then suggested he apply his writing skills to fields like environmental conservation and business. The case of S was a bit more complicated. She came to Australia in Year 10 and as a result, a lot of her extracurricular involvements paused after immigration. Hence, our priority was attempting to resume these activities in reasonable and meaningful ways. She was not too confident in the beginning, but with our encouragement and support she not only resumed several strong activities, but also started a new activity that links her Chinese background and Australian identity. Additionally, because both applicants possess passion for writing, we invited them to co-found a writing initiative online, which added great value to their applications.


Sometimes, it is extra difficult for writers to deal with application essays because they are often too sensitive about the quality of their writing or have too many ideas to come up with a good story that demonstrates their true colors. Therefore, we spent extra hours on their Common Application Personal Essays. For M, we started from his journey of writing and gradually found a good story about his personal growth. For S, we brainstormed her past experiences in a  rather large range of interests and finally decided to use dancing to weave together these interests and show her voice. The two essays read very different but notably present their true selves.


The University of Chicago is famous for their challenging and thought-provoking supplementary essays. M was facing extra pressure in this essay because the Early Decision application deadline overlapped with his Australian high school leaving exams. Therefore, we collaborated with him to find several pieces he had written and felt proud of, select one, and adjust it to fit the University of Chicago’s expectations. S had a bit more time in preparing for the Early Decision II deadline because she had completed all her exams. She designed a creative storyline and then our team helped her to edit it into an amusing piece.



At Elite Admission Consulting, we believe that every student is unique and the only way for them to stand out is to find and develop their own passion and strength. This approach has helped all our previous students achieve stellar admission results and more importantly supported them to become more confident and capable in dealing with the challenges that exist in the most selective universities. We have dedicated ourselves to our mission, and will continue to help more students to identify and develop their potential and to present themselves.


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