Michigan Ross School of Business MAcc

Michigan Ross School of Business MAcc

Applicant E’ Background 

Geographic Location: Melbourne, Australia

GMAT (or GRE Equivalent): 730

Undergraduate Major: Commerce

Intended Programs: Accounting

Admissions: University of Michigan – Ross School of Business, Washington University in St. Louis – Olin Business School


Case Detail

When Applicant E came to us in mid-2015, she had a very simple and clear goal: she loved accounting; and completing a top accounting master degree in the United States, to her, was the only way to great employment opportunities and success. Perhaps it was her determination that helped her get a good GMAT score early, which laid a good foundation for her application. Although we were proud of her academic achievement, Applicant E still had some room for improvement with respect to her application preparation. She only had one corporate accounting internship, and her other extracurricular activities were lack of depth. Therefore, we immediately mapped out a comprehensive plan for her to implement. We encouraged her to return to her home country for internship during her vacation and suggested her to leverage the extracurricular activity that she was already involved in and expand its influence by bringing in other students.


Because of her relatively ample preparation time, Applicant E managed to complete another accounting internship in Public Practice before submitting her application. This internship not only added valuable substance to her resume but gave her the confidence and topics that she needed in her interview. Meanwhile, we maintained frequent communication with Applicant E and gave her specific guidance in extracurricular activities. Thanks to her excellent execution, we achieved the expected results in activities.


Application process – leveraging your unique Australian background

Although E’s application seems to be very successful, in order to help her get into the top programs, we must find a unique angle for her application materials in addition to her competitive grades and GMAT scores to differentiate her from other candidates.


In terms of her professional experience, we highlighted Applicant E’s unique combination of Corporate and Pubic Practice experiences. In terms of academic study, we helped her capitalize on her multinational study experience in China and Australia and made her application stand out. The biggest breakthrough was still extracting most value from her extracurricular activities. After careful research and brainstorming, we decided to forego common internship stories and fully leverage Applicant E’s unique extracurricular activities in tourism and organic agriculture. Using her activities as a vehicle, we fully demonstrated her passion for her interest and ability to promote her interest to more people. Her experience in Australia also made her application stand out from her competitors.


After the application was submitted, we made a comprehensive and targeted interview preparation for her, allowing her to communicate confidently with the admission officer in the interview and get admitted to two top programs including Michigan Ross MAcc



The success of Applicant E offers some valuable lessons for accounting students in Australia:

1. Preparing for GMAT as early as possible and obtaining a good score will give you a new option to study at a university with a high employment rate of over 90% upon graduation. The experience of studying and working in a global business center will be of great help to your future career development.

2. If you choose to apply for the top universities in the United States, getting guidance from the experts in advance and making targeted preparations will make your application more competitive. Getting admitted to elite universities will not be out of reach.

3. We understand that it is very difficult to get an internship without Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia, so the internship experience in China will also be a plus for your application. Also, doing unique activities will benefit your application largely. In short, it’s important to actively look for different opportunities and enrich your experience.


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