London Business School MiM

Applicant G’s Background

Geographic Location: Australia

GMAT (or GRE Equivalent): 720

Undergraduate Major: Psychology

Intended Programs: Masters in Management

Admissions: London Business School (MiM), Duke Kunshan University (MMS)


Case Detail

The application timeline shared by Applicant G

March 2017, took the first GMAT exam with no systematic preparation and failed.

Enrolled in our GMAT class from June to July.

Concentrated on GMAT exercises throughout late July

Took GMAT for the second time in late August, and scored 720 points.

Decided to seek our assistance for admission consulting in the end of August.

By September, revising resume many times with Ray, while choosing the appropriate school and course.

In October, roughly decided on which programs to apply for. Aimed to apply during the first round of applications in November, but due to her decision to apply to honours program (Backup Plan), changed the plan into the second round of applications; started seriously preparing all of application materials from December, and planned to submit application by the end of January.

Scheduled and prepared interviews intensively for mid-to-late February

Accepted by LBS in March


For Applicant G, at the beginning of the application, her biggest feature and limitation was her non-business background. Her desire to study at business school and future career goals were based more on longing rather than understanding. So the first step of our work was to help her set up and clarify career goals and understand how top business schools would help her materialize these goals. As a matter of fact, this step is very valuable for many applicants even those with business background. Even MBA applicants with rich occupational experience must think outside the box, and ponder on the reasons why they have chosen to go to business school from a perspective as objective as possible.


Later on, we started to work on her resume. We collected a large number of Applicant G’s activity and internship details. We found that, although she did not participate in many activities or internships and did not have experiences in any prestigious company, she had learned many real things from her experiences. Our research has indicated that such improvement was more important that the reputation of companies on the resume, so we strived to demonstrate Applicant G’s growth into her resume. As for her lack of activities, we helped her find a high quality extracurricular activity very quickly that was in line with her interests and what she was good at, which effectively made up for the issue.


After accomplishing the draft of the resume, we began planning her career, by having an in-depth conversation to more clearly understand Applicant G’s background. After learning about her personal experiences, and her reasons for studying psychology at college, we decided to convert the entire story into the origin of her career aspirations. Her goals were authentic and touching, which laid a solid foundation for the later formal, persuasive application essay.


Applicant G’s social science background enabled her to find the materials for essay writing more easily. The biggest task for us was to help her draft a high-quality layout and eloquently tell her story through writing. Especially for LBS’s large number of long and short application questions, we helped her work and act in cooperation with answering different questions very thoroughly and effectively.


In the interview stage, our experienced consultant Julia gave Applicant G many mock interviews. She helped her to confidently answer any question about her experiences within a short period of time, solve all her doubts about occupational development goals, and think on her toes to successfully answer potential unexpected questions.


All these preparations were converted into Applicant G’s admission to her Dream School – London Business School. She got the offer, which represented her academic and personal growth. Both Applicant G and us felt very gratified.



Throughout this process of assisting Applicant G in applying to a business school from a non-business major, we not only helped her clarify her career goals and present herself professionally, but also improved her ability to contemplate problems from a business perspective. The skills learned throughout this process, no doubt, have helped her prepare for later learning at London Business School.


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