Emory Goizueta Business School MSBA

Applicant S’ Background 

Geographic Location: Melbourne, Australia

GMAT (or GRE Equivalent): 750

Undergraduate Major: Business

Intended Programs: Business Analytics

Admissions: Emory University – Goizueta Business School


Case Detail

Applicant S came to us in February of her final year at Monash University. Apart from the thought of applying to Business School in the US, she basically had made no preparation. This was actually the situation we’ve often seen in Australia, so the our admission consulting service began in such a way.


GMAT Prep is her first step. After enrolling in our prep course, Applicant S’ first attempt resulted in a 680. However, after analyzing her exam marks and reviewing the problems she exposed during lectures, we made a new review plan for her. This allowed her to achieve a 750 on her second attempt. Considering that her university academic record were relatively average, this GMAT score was extremely valuable to her application.


Since Applicant S had no relevant experience in the field of Business Analytics, we advised her to fully use the resources she had to enrich her resume. The two internships that resulted from this advice became the core content of her resume. Meanwhile, we encouraged her to continue devoting her passion to student activities at Monash University. Realizing that her lack of computational and mathematical training, which is an issue common to students with business majors in Australia, we advised her to supplement her coursework with an online curriculum, which was also recognized by the admissions committees of top BA programs in the US.


Applicant S was granted an interview, but not acceptance during the first application round. However, together with her, we powered through and concentrated on preparing her application to the Emory MSBA Program. From attending the program’s information webinar, to the communication with the Admission Committee on Applicant S’s eligibility, then to the essays and interview; our very patient preparations eventually received the best returns: Applicant S became one of the few international candidates selected for the program. Throughout this process, Applicant S also gained a deep understanding of the program and its learning objectives, as well as a clearer understanding of her own career goals.



For many clients, our admission consulting service begins from ground zero. Our careful and individualized guidance and planning not only helps our clients receive acceptance into their dream school, but also clarifies the direction of their future career direction. By insisting on the principle of “the purpose of attending a graduate business program is for better employability”, our service brought great value for many applicants including Applicant S.


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