University of Chicago - Class of 2023

University of Chicago – Class of 2023

The case where Elite Admission Consulting team helped an Australian student passionate about mathematics to be admitted to the University of Chicago – Class of 2023.


Applicant S’s Background

Geographic Location: Australia

Citizenship/Residence: New Zealand

Starting to Use Our Admission Service: Since Year 11

SAT: 1580 out of 1600

School Ranking: Top 5%

Significant Award: Gold Certificate at Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee Senior Contest and Medalist of Australia Mathematics Competition

Intended Major: Mathematics

Admissions: University of Chicago, Imperial College London


Like many highly achieving students with Asian backgrounds, Applicant S was very intelligent and diligent; he rarely faced any academic challenge before he came to us, but he definitely needed help in developing extracurricular activities. After brainstorming, we designed a plan focussed on his academic interest and strength in math. The more important aspect of this plan was to help and encourage him to carry it out because he did not have too much prior experience. When he felt uncertain about an activity, we would assist him in the beginning to start him off, a strategy that successfully relieved many of his concerns and lack of confidence. Moreover, we tried to use different forms to prove and share his interest in math to avoid monotony in activities. When it came to Year 12, S had owned a complete set of activities that were balanced and memorable.


Essay support is the highlight of our services to Applicant S. The first draft of the Common Application personal essay was heavily based off of an activity that challenged him and put him outside of the stereotypical academically-gifted Chinese student. The format we chose was reminiscent of reflection over a certain period of time; however, after we’ve drafted the first version several times, we put it to the side for a month or two and came back with fresh eyes and noticed that the structure was hindering the story. We restructured the story and all came out happy with the new version.


When it came to the supplementary essays, we focused on his interest in mathematics and education and Application S would spend a lot of time working with us at the office; there was a certain level of rewriting and reediting, and though we admired his tenacity, it became a mode of stress for him. With our assistance and his understanding, we helped him finish the essays without too much stress. For the particularly challenging UChicago’s creative essay, we brainstormed with him in a way that made him feel comfortable and confident first and then came up with a storyline together based on his original idea. Then we helped him edit his version and made it a satisfactory piece.


Another memorable part in S’ case is that he was waitlisted by his Early Decision school quite out of expectation of everyone. After receiving the news, rather than feeling devastated, S picked up himself quickly and tried to see it as an opportunity to identify his weakness and to apply to other universities, a mentality that allowed him to focus on the successful Early Decision 2 application to the University of Chicago and Regular Decision.



Applicant S’ case shows that even if the result of your Early Decision application is disappointing (whether it’s waitlisted or rejected), you should not lose faith or momentum. While certain adjustments might be necessary, the more important thing is to focus on the Early Decision 2 or Regular Decision rather than make unwarranted changes to your application. Additionally, focusing on your interest is again proved to be an effective strategy for college admission.


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