US College Admission Interview Questions

Frequent US College Admission Interview Questions – Part 2

Continue from our previous post to discuss US college admission interview questions.


Question 6 – How Do You Plan to Contribute to This School

Why they ask this question:  The university wants to recruit students who make a positive contribution to campus and academic life. Essentially, they are looking for students who can make the school better. This is a consideration that is frequently neglected by applicants.

What they are looking: Don’t limit your answers to vague positive qualities. Don’t just say that you will give good professional ethics and respect for others. Do you want to conduct a specific study? Do you want to take a leadership position in extracurricular activities? Do you want to implement a specific community service project? How will you make a difference on campus and in the classroom?

How to prepare: Know what specific contributions you want to make for the school. Determine your college goals and what you want to do during your college years.


Question 7 – What Do You Expect to Be Doing 10 Years From Now?

Why they ask this question: First of all, even if they ask this question, it does not mean that you want to know your future at present. The university knows that you can’t decide everything now, and your plans may change. But what they want is a student with direction and passion.

What they are looking: The university wants students who have the motivation to achieve their goals. Just saying that you want a career with a sense of fulfillment or positive change to the world is a bad, general answer. What specific actions do you want to make? How do you plan to influence the world? You don’t have to limit your plan to your career goals. Do you want to take your mother to vacation? Still meet weekly with your best high school friends?

How to prepare: You can write down some detailed notes to answer this question. Imagine the life you want to have in 10 years, this blueprint should show your uniqueness.


Question 8 – What Would You Change About Your High School?

Why they ask this question: With this problem, the university is looking for your ability to find problems and better understand what you want to pursue at the university. By knowing what you want to change, they want to get more important information about you.

What they are looking:  Top universities want a detailed and complete response that is specific but not disrespectful to your alma mater. Don’t say: “I want a better teacher.” Suppose you want to allocate more resources to the music department so that more students have the opportunity to learn how to play a new instrument. You can discuss how learning instruments can help you and describe the current state of the music department. Remember, you need to be clear about what you want to improve. It should benefit the personal and academic growth of all students in the school, not just yourself.

How to prepare: Consider the advantages and disadvantages of your high school. What specific problems does it have? What are the consequences of these problems? What steps will you take to improve?


Question 9 – Whom Do You Most Admire?

Why they ask this question: From this question, the university can understand your values. For example, if the person you admire most is Justin Bieber, the university may be doubting the structure of your life.

What they are looking: The focus of the answer is not limited to who this person is, but why do you worship that person? For example, many people say that the people they like the most are parents. But what did the parents do to make you so admired? In short, don’t forget the details.

How to prepare: Please carefully consider your answer to this question. If the person you admire is the person you know, the best practice, is to really tell what you think in your heart. If you get a hug or even a few tears, you will know that you have answered this question very well and sincerely.


Question 10 – What Is Your Favourite Book?

Why they ask this question: This question is designed to help schools learn more about your academic interests. Universities may also want to make sure that you are actually enjoying learning. Never underestimate the value of reading!

What they are looking: Don’t limit the answer to the title; think about why you like the book so much. How does it inspire your inspiration? Did a character resonate with you? Have you learned something from this book that affects your point of view or behaviour? Does this book help shape your views or values?

How to prepare:

Consider the books you have read and the reasons for why you have read them. We have also seen similar questions and asked about the news articles you have read recently, so please try to stay up to date!


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