Yale University – Class of 2020

How Elite Admission explored the potential of an Australian student, helped him stand out in the application, and receive admission to Yale University.


Applicant M’s Background

Geographic Location: Melbourne, Australia

Citizenship/Residence: Australian

Starting to Use Our Admission Service: Since Year 12

SAT: 2360 out of 2400

School Ranking: Top 1%

Significant Award: National Science Olympiad Medal

Intended Major: Economics

Admissions: Yale University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Cambridge


Case Detail

Applicant M came to us for admission consulting in January of Year 12. He possessed exceptional basic academic profile at the time. He had straight A on his transcript, scored a 2280 on his SAT, and had already gathered several impressive extracurricular activities in music and debating. This combination made admission to Yale and Brown possible, after a year of guided hard work.


We started by helping him with the SAT. Through intensive one-on-one, we offered him a better understanding of the exam and consolidated the weaknesses that Australian test-takers usually have. This training enabled him to achieve a near perfect score on his second attempt. At the same time, we helped him go through his entire extracurricular activity list, and tried to find ways to improve his resume by both enhancing the involvement with music and debating, and widening the breadth of his activities. The eventual goal was to make his application theme more prominent when reviewed by the admission committees.


The application essays were a bit overwhelming for Applicant M at the beginning, even though he was both sophisticated and mature. Being asked to introduce himself through answering these questions caused Applicant M to fall into deep introspection. After in-depth brainstorming, we uncovered his experiences and growth process. Through our collective inquiry, it seemed we had been acquainted with him for a second time. His humorous personality became blatantly apparent. “Be the truest you” was our final strategy. As a result of showing his true colors, Applicant M got the offer, and also got a very rare opportunity to dig deeper into his real motivations and characteristics.



Why would an applicant work so hard to be admitted to a university in the US while he could have chosen to study at any university or major in Australia with a full scholarship? The reason is beyond admission itself. Applying to a US university gives brilliant high school students in Australia a unique opportunity to compete on a global stage and to grow beyond academia.

For applicants who have very strong foundation, the most important work for us is to use our expertise to help them learn more about themselves, organize their experiences and find highlights, and eventually present themselves in a way appealing to top colleges.


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