Top College Admissions Seminar 2020

Top College Admissions Seminar 2020

Every year, Elite Admission Consulting hosts an top college admissions seminar where our leading admission consultants share their experience in the previous year.


In the past 2019-2020 application season, we helped 10 applicants receive admissions from:

Stanford University

University of Pennsylvania (2)

University of California – Berkeley (2)

University of California – Los Angeles (3)

University of Southern California (2)

Carnege Mellon University (1)

University of Michigan (4)

New York University

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (3)

Imperial College London (2)

University College of London (6)


The topics in this year’s seminar mainly include:

  1. Case study of our Stanford, UPenn, and other admissions to top colleges in the US and UK.
  2. The most recent trend in top college admission
  3. The preparation during and after COVID-19


This year, due to COVID-19, we will run the event via Zoom at 8pm Australian Eastern Time on May 16.


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