London Business School MiM – Class of 2021

Read the case where we help one of clients from the University of Melbourne receive admission to London Business School MiM – Class of 2021, one of the most selective management masters.


Applicant W’s Background

Geographic Location: Australia

GMAT (or GRE Equivalent): 730

Undergraduate Major: Finance with Honours

Intended Programs: Masters in Management

Admissions: London Business School (MiM)


Case Detail

Applicant W came to us after his self-prepared applications to UK business schools failed. Understanding the selectiveness of the process, he knew he needed an honors degree (having only completed a three-year bachelor’s degree) and professional services to get admission to his dream school.


Our service began with improving W’s resume in detail. While he was busy with his honors study and research, we found some extracurricular activities that could make his experiences more diverse, unique and consistent. Although it does not seem to relate to his career goals directly, such additions show commitment and personality. On the other hand, we encouraged him to join his family business to obtain more practical experiences and to build up links between his family business’ industry and finance, substantiating his career goals. During the process, we discussed frequently about recent news and academic papers in the sector, which gave him more in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities the industry was facing and what role finance could play in them. Such groundwork helped create a stronger purpose and theme to W’s application.


When working on London Business School’s short-answer questions and essays, we first spent time understanding all his experiences from high school when he arrived in Australia, and arranging them to best reflect his uniqueness, strengths and qualities. Quite a few resources came out of professional areas but made his application genuine. As to his career plan and motivation to study management, W’s experience in the family business and our discussion prior had played a big role, making his objective specific and reasonable. When selecting recommenders, we suggested W use two academic referees, instead of traditional one academic and one professional one – a strategy that proved to be correct.


When receiving the interview invitation, we first did several mock interviews and then asked one of our previous clients, an LBS alumnus, to run a final mock interview and give him a lot of constructive suggestions. His performance in the interview as well as the application material persuaded the admission officers at LBS to admit him in Round 1.



If you want to study the prestigious Masters in Management programs at LBS, the preparation needs to be thorough and detailed. We help build highly personalized application material centered around your experiences, resources, strengths, and passions; and use all resources to boost your competitiveness.


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